The Bennett Letters



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Charles James Graham Bennett and his wife Georgiana Bracebridge

Charles was James Bennett's eldest son. As a Lawyer in London, he provided George with employment from 1830 to 1835

Robert Miller Bennett

Robert was James Bennett's second son by his second wife. He was a cabinet maker and the author's forebear

Mrs Owen and family

Ellen Owen (nee Bennett) with her husband Arthur Whaley Owen, a captain in the merchant service, and their children Anna and John

Julia Bennett (age 82 when this picture was taken)

'poor' Julia was sent home to England in disgrace and spent the rest of her life at an Alms house in Handsworth in Birmingham

General Sir Patrick Ross

Governor of St Helena 1848 - 1850

He married Eliza Solomon (nee Bennett) in 1848

Harry and Ellen Mercer (nee Bennett)

Ellen was George's eldest daughter. She was always known as 'Meadows'. She lost two children and her husband in her early life. Her only surviving daughter Edie married Henry Herbert

Lt Gen John Henry Lefroy

George's school mate and lifetime friend

Joseph Hooker FRS

George met Joseph when he visited St Helena with the James Clark Ross expedition to Antartica in 1840 and corresponded with his for the remainder of his life

Col. Charles Hodson

Napoleon called him 'Hercules' He was an excellent soldier and James' CO on St Helena. James purchased Maldivia from him in 1826

Saul Solomon

The merchant 'king' of St Helena. A man of strange habits who would 'rook' you one minute and be most generous the next. James' daugher Eliza married his son Henry.

Lt Col. Charles St John outside his home in Havant

Charles was a decendant of GBB through his daughter Laura.

The author's grandmother Annie (Dolly) Hands (nee Bennett)

Annie Hands was the great grand-daughter of James Bennett

Viola Bennet

Viola was the greatdrand-daughter of Charles James Graham Bennett. She had a remarkable resemblence to Annie Hands.

Berkley Mawer was a decendant of both Charles Bennett and his uncle Thomas Bennett

The origin of the Arlington Tankerville story?

A note from Chipping Ongar parish priest confirming that James Bennett was christened with a single 't' in his name. It ignores his father's apprenticeship papers that are spelt with two 't's.